Tuesday, June 6, 2017

World's Greatest Garage Rock Band, The Amazing Heeby Jeebies

I've just bought my first new cd in the 21st century when I came across a cd/ep by Chicago's own Amazing Heeby Jeebies. A group that serves up high octane brand of classic garage rock that I've seen live twice in the last month. And that hasn't happened in a long time.

They are musical and cultural heirs to the the late great Cramps. The Jeebies are like what the Cramps would have been if Ivy had taken over vocals when Lux died. In one forty minute set recently they did two Cramps songs sprinkled in with their own originals. They also played songs by the Sonics, Velvet Underground and Slade.

The quintet is fronted by vocalist Ary Paloma Jeebie a slender burnett that packs a lot of power in her pipes and smooth in her moves. The rest of the band consists of a couple of electric guitarists; Thomas Klein and Bob Hyatt. With a rock solid rhythm section of Earl Carter bass and Dave Shapiro pounding the skins. Together they create a high energy brand of rock and roll that is most enjoyable.

The cd I bought came out in 2015, it's self titled and has four originals; We Got It All, Mummy, Heeby Jeebies On A Saturday Night and Lupe Garou. Don't know how available it is since there was nothing on eBay or Amazon by them. I've heard that they are recording music for a new cd. Like them on Facebook and you can keep up to date with their activities.

So if your into garage, punk, rockabilly or any kind of basic rock and roll spend an evening with The Amazing Heeby Jeebies you will not be disappointed. Below are a couple of live clips by them and if you go to ChiTownSoundz you will find more.

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