Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Twenty Years Of Las Vegas Neon

I've heard neon called liquid light in the night and I think that's a perfect way to describe it.Some of my earliest childhood memories are being out after dark and seeing some beautiful signs like the Magikist lips or Skips Drive In. Anyway I have hundreds of Polaroid photos of neon signs, mostly from the Chicago area. About ten years ago when I built my web portal I posted some of my photos but haven't really done a whole lot since then. Recently I've gotten serious about organizing and scanning my Polaroids and putting some of them up for sale. Also the web site is now getting an update.

Starting with an updated Vegas neon area because Las Vegas is like the Vatican, Mecca or the Louvre of neon. It's a city covered with neon signs some famous and some not. I've only been able to make the pilgrimage three times with three different cameras; a Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid Spectra and an HP digital camera. So there's a page for each of the camera's as well as some videos posted.

In the 1980's I made my first foray to the city of (neon) lights it was at the end of the classic period before Fremont St. was covered and the strip still had some of the classic casinos operating. This gallery has more than 30 SX-70 photos. To visit this gallery click here.

I returned to Las Vegas in the late 90's and only got about a dozen shots before my Polaroid Spectra camera gave out. Click here to check it out.
In 2005 I made my last visit to Vegas armed with an HP digital camera and got a fair number of shots at the Neon Museum. See more here.

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