Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Great Chicago Fire 145th Anniversary

October 8th is the 145th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire. We've posted about this event a couple of times and recently we've uploaded a couple of new fire related videos on ChiTownView. It's been a while since we've had a new post so it seemed like a good event to start writing again.

In January of 2014 we offered a look at what Chicago looked like before the great fire. It includes an interactive map where locations are linked to a photo of what that spot looked like. Pretty neat you can check it out here.

A year before in January of 2013 we had one of our more poplar posts which was also fire related. In it there was a map showing the extent of the fire and then an exploration of the theory that the Chicago fire was part of a larger series of blazes across the midwest touched off by a meteor shower. You can read that post by clicking here.

Now on to more current business. Earlier this year while wandering around Chicago's Old Town neighborhood I came across one of the fire relief cottages. These were meant to be temporary structures to house the tens of thousands of homeless that the fire produced. For a hundred bucks you got some land as well as the plans and materials to build these small cottages. Kind of a 19th century version of the Katrina mobile homes. At any rate this little pace is one of last ones left.

Then while looking at photos on the National Archive I found a bunch of post fire photos showing the devastation the fire caused. So I whipped up the video/slideshow, that even has a poem written about this conflagration, you see below.

Finally there is this odd little Chicago Fire related video. The fire (or it's recreation) was an attraction at Freedom Land a defuct New York amusement park. Visitors could help put out the blaze. I kid you not. The part with the fire in it starts at around 1:10

So that's our roundup of this great event in Chicago history.