Friday, July 15, 2016

Topless At The 1939 World's Fair & Bridgete Bardots Debut

At you will find, among other things, the Sinema our collection of vintage risque videos that are too hot for YouTube. It grew out a YouTube station we had called SilkSpot that was closed by YT because of one too many nipple slips. A lot of the clips have been had the audio updated with our own original soundscapes or music we've come across that fit the mood if you will.

We've had two recent uploads. The first probes into some of the fairly shocking exhibits at the 1939 New York World's Fair. I mean there were half naked women all over the place not like the fairly tame offerings that the more modern fairs offered. And while were on the topic what ever happened to world fair's? Are there no more visions of the future.

Anyway my favorite was Salvador Dail's"Dream Of Venus"  presentation, think about THAT for a minute. There were topless bathing beauties and his paramour Gala out in front acting as barker. Check out all the action at our "The 1939 New York World'Sin Fair" page at The Sinema.


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Our latest offering is a late 1940's French strip tease clip that features (supposedly) the first film role for French sex bomb Bridgette Bardot. The clip is about ten minutes long and has a half dozen scenes of ladies disrobing that are a little more imaginative than your standard stripper film. My favorite is one I call "Whip Tease".


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