Friday, July 15, 2016

The other night I watched the final and I do mean final, since it's been canceled, episode of HBO's Vinyl and all I can say is perfect. Probably the best TV series or film about rock and roll and it ended just where it needed to. Because the best rock and roll doesn't have a long shelf life. Elvis made most of his best music before he went in the army. Jimi Hendrix and the Doors and the Beatles are revered because they weren't around long enough to make really shitty albums and go on yet another nostalgia trip tour. The Rolling Stones have been around for fifty years but all their best stuff came out in the first ten. Hell I think Vinyl is the best thing Mick Jagger's been associated with since “Exile On Main Street. The Sex Pistols made one album and that was all that was really needed. I could go on and on but rock and roll ain't fine wine it don't get better with age.

YouTube or whoever won't let me post any actual videos from Vinyl here so I'm just going with some music from the period featured in the show.

It should follow then that a tv series about rock and roll shouldn't turn into a soap opera that goes on and on and on. Sure it's about the music business but at it's core it's about rock and roll. It starts with the New York Dolls and ends with the MC5 and in between there's plenty of sex, drugs and other bad behavior that goes with rock and roll. Vinyl isn't perfect because rock isn't about perfection it's about being in your face. I started out loving it then would kind of go back and forth depending on how far they got away from the music but the last episode summed it all up brilliantly I thought.

Thirty hell forty years ago I was out livin the life on a Saturday night now I'm sitting at home watching the remake on TV.

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