Monday, July 4, 2016

Steve Mc Queen & Peter Lorre In Two Film Noir's Added to Crime Scene

The latest page on the MindsiMedia web site is Crime Scene where you'll find B&W movies & TV shows featuring well the title kind of gives it away. Our two newest uploads feature a couple of Hollywood icons and personal favorites of mine.

"TheChase" is a 1946 film based on the Cornell Woolrich novel The Black Path of Fear. In it a down on his luck vet Chuck Scott (Bob Cummings) finds a wallet full of money and returns it to it's owner. Who is a hood by the name of Eddie Roman (Steve Cochran) and his muscle is Gino played by Peter Lorre. Roman likes the cut of Scott's jib and hires him to be a chauffeur. We learn early on that Roman is a sadistic bully he slaps his manicurist around for not being quick enough. Then feeds a fellow business man to the dogs literally, ouch.

Mr Roman is also married of course to an unhappy woman. Who would be happy being married to a sadistic bully? So you kind of get the idea where this is all going. There's more to it but that's why you watch the movie.

Our second film "The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery" is an early role for Steve McQueen. This is a film noir that is as dark and gritty as your likely to find. It's a based on fact story about four guys who rob a bank in St. Louis. There are no other stars or even any likeable characters. Just flawed humans stumbling over their own shortcomings. It's great as long as like dark and would you be on this page if you didn't?
Extra kudos for being shot on the streets of St. Louis and using the real cops, bank employees and residents from the real heist.

So if you like these classic crime movies like I do then get over to Crime Scene make some popcorn and get ready for action.

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