Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sex, Trains & Surrealism

Our most recent uploads to MindsiMediaHome casts a wide net and comes up with three winners. There's a spicy Cuban dish by the name of Amalia Aguila with a wicked dance...

... and a gorgeous movie  about trains called "This Is My Railroad". They were both made in the late 1940's by legendary exploitation film maker Russ Meyer.

Our third upload "Dreams That Money Can Buy" features an army of surrealist legends in this 1947 experimental film by Hans Richter. Collaborators included Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Alexander Calder, Darius Milhaud and Fernand L├ęger. The film won the Award for the Best Original Contribution to the Progress of Cinematography at the 1947 Venice Film Festival.For much more on this one of a kind film check out the rest of the Wikipedia entry.

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