Friday, June 17, 2016

Ronnie Earl Outstanding Blues Guitarist & Chicago Blues Fest Highlight

Even though I've been in and around the music business for several decades I'm still coming across great performers who have been around for a long time that that are new to me. Such is the case with blues guitarist Ronnie Earl who I stumbled across when I picked up a bunch of cd's at a garage sale a couple of years ago. One of them was copy of Ronnie Earl &The Broadcasters "Grateful Heart, Blues & Ballads". From the first listen I was hooked by the cool laid back sound of sax, organ and slinky guitar setting a great late night vibe.

Born in 1953 he was a music fan studying to be a teacher when he saw Muddy Waters in 1973. After that he bought a guitar and began to play. He graduated and taught for awhile but after traveling to Chicago, New Orleans and Austin Texas the pull of music was too strong. In 1979 he joined Roomful Of Blues a ten piece band from Rhode Island. In the early 80's he began to also record and perform as a solo act.

The Broadcasters were formed in 1988 named after the first Fender guitar which originally had been labeled The Broadcaster and was distributed in 1950. The first lineup included Darrell Nulisch (vocalist), Jerry Portnoy (harmonica), Steve Gomes (bass), and Per Hanson (drums). Since then they have released 18 studio albums as well as four recorded live.

For more on Mr. Earl pay a visit to his web site.

This past Sunday evening 6/12/16 Ronnie was one of the three main acts playing at the Petrillo bandshell for the final night of Chicago Blues Fest 2016. I've uploaded two other videos, besides the one posted here,  to my ChiTownSoundz YouTube station. 

Some vintage Ronnie Earl.

And here's a really smoking workout with Ana Popovic who can bend some strings too!

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