Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vintage Las Vegas Neon Signs At Night, Polaroid Photos & Video

As someone with a deep passion for neon signs Las Vegas is like Mecca for me.One of my three trips took place in the mid 1980's. While there I took some Polaroid photos with my SX-70 and as part of an over all house cleaning have now put them up for sale. They will be on eBay until the early June then the once the auctions are done remaining photos will go on my Facebook store. Those wishing to explore more of the bygone look of Las Vegas should check out the site InOldLasVegas.

The neon elements of this Circus Circus sign still survives.
 The Dunes closed in 1993 it was located where New York New York and Monte Carlo now stand.
 The Flamingo sign is another survivor.
 It just wouldn't be Vegas without this iconic Glitter Gulch Cowgirl sign.
 Another survivor but Binion's Horseshoe is just  Binion's now.
 The Riviera was at one time owned by Chicago crime boss Tony Accardo and was one of the more storied casinos. It closed in 2015 though this sign has been gone since the 1990's
The Silver Slipper is R.I.P. since 2008
And here is some home movie footage shot during the early 1960's. I've added some music from Partners In Rhyme which is a great site for royalty free music.


I've also done a previous post that has video footage neon signs at night from the 1930's and some from Reno in the 1950's.

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