Monday, May 30, 2016

Street Art In Chicago, Wabash Art Corridor's Big Walls Project

This spring ChiTownView has been exploring some of Chicago's public art offerings with the focus has been on three areas. Cemetery art in particular historic Gracelandcemetery and gangster heaven Mt. Carmel in suburban Hillside. The Driehaus Museum of Stained Glass which is a beautiful collection of Comfort Tiffany art glass at Navy Pier. The latest and most extensive exploration has been Columbia College's Wabash Art Corridor and it's Big Walls project. This has transformed the blank walls of Chicago's south loop into an outdoor gallery of street art.

So far I've posted six videos featuring more than a dozen different murals scattered from the heart of downtown to Roosevelt Rd. The largest and most impressive work is located in the heart of the loop. It is Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra's eight story high mural of blues giant Muddy Waters. You'll find it by standing at the corner of State and Washington and looking south.

Chicago's El trains rumble down Wabash before turning left and heading down Van Buren thus marking the “official” start of the south loop. At this corner you will find two more murals by “Almost Full” by Italian street artist Never2501 and “Penny For Your Thoughts” by Morley who is based in L.A. 

Continue south down Wabash you pass the Magnificent Auditorium Theater cross Congress Parkway and a block south you will find yourself almost surrounded by a cluster of five murals. Their are two works that have been worked into a multi-story parking garage.
“Drowning In The City” faces south and is by Chicagoan Ruben AguirreThe west wall of the garage has a collaboration (I think) by Lady Lucx & Sarah Stewart.

On the other side of Wabash we find three more murals around a parking lot. Banksy collaborator Ben Eine "Harmony". "Moose Bubblegum Bubble" by Jacob Watts"The Provocateurs" by Retna

That's half the clips for more visit the ChiTownView playlist that covers the area south of the loop.

I've also created a google map that locates the murals along with other places in the south loop I've explored.

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