Monday, March 14, 2016

Inside The Belly Of The Beast, Chicago Donald Trump Rally

The only reason I went to the Trump rally at UIC's Pavilion was my son had a ticket and wanted me to go. I'm a Sanders supporter but how could I pass up a spectacle. And I wasn't disappointed.. By the end of the evening I was cured, spit at and called a racist walking through a gauntlet of protesters.

It started out as a peaceful day and when the doors opened at three and people began to enter there weren't many protesters. Of course that was three  hours before it was supposed to start. For the first couple of hours things were kind of dull. Everybody sitting around talking Trump. As the back part of the Pavilion began to fill it became the focal point of activity.

Once the rally was canceled the place went up for grabs and it became evident that as many as a third of the people in the building were protesters. There were a several dozen male protesters that were waiting at the back end of where the Trump supporters were standing. Had the rally gone off they would have been in a prime spot for disruption. Toward the back end the Trump supporters confronted the protesters and they nonviolently shouted at one another five or ten minutes.

Outside the Trump supporters were greeted by thousands more demonstrators. They had completely taken over Racine Ave. a four lane street. There were blacks, white, browns, men and women all gathered together. Liberals overjoyed at having taken away someones right to speak. Ironically a lot of people claiming to be Bernie Sanders supporters.

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