Thursday, March 10, 2016

Crime Scene A New Collection Of Vintage Crime Movies & TV Shows

On our web portal we have just added a new page called Crime Scene. It gathers together some classic b&w crime/noir films and TV shows. Visit Crime Scene and you can watch great vintage movies like these below.

"5 Minutes To Live" aka "Door To Door Maniacs" A 1961 hardboiled film that stars Johnny Cash as a crazed criminal and also features Merle Travis.


"The Big Combo" Ultra violent crime flick that includes a scene where a man is tortured by listening to drummer Shelly Manne.

The Lawless Years was a late 50's early 60's TV series that focused on New York City during the roaring 20's. The photo above is from the "Nick Joseph Story" which starred Vick Morrow.

Peter Gunn was a groundbreaking TV series that was directed by Blake Edwards with the main theme by Henry Mancini.

"My Gun Is Quick" is a 1950's adaptation of one of Mickey Spillane's  best selling Mike Hammer detective novels.

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