Thursday, December 3, 2015

Twisting Santa & Christmas With Satan, Christmas Once A Day

Welcome for our third daily dose of holiday cheer the first is this ChiTownView video from Christmas 2013. “I went to go get my haircut over at Franks on Grand in Elmwood Park. Walking up the street I knew it really was Christmas because there was the mechanical Santa out in front of the joint dancing, handing out greetings and singing a little song to the passerbys. After the haircut I stopped for a beef at Johnny's and went off to do a little Christmas shopping.”

And todays musical contribution comes from 1980's punk jazz artist James White with his classic “Christmas With Satan”. Yesterdays post about 60's classic film “Santa Vs.The Devil” reminded me about this tune and I dug up this copy on YouTube this morning. The photo / video montage features a number of clips from “...Vs The Devil”.

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