Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Once A Day, Christmas With Sun Ra & Pink Floyd

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday mainly because it's the most 20th century of all our annual celebrations. We took what is a Christian religious celebration and turn it into an orgy of greed,and consumerism. Christmas has also created a huge hoard of cultural moments which I pick through and collect In honor of the season for sharing I will share one of these 20th century cultural remnants. This one takes a look on the radio broadcast avant garde jazz composer Sun Ra did on Christmas Day 1976. From my Christmas Pintrest board.

"Everybody spreads holiday cheer in their own way. On Christmas Day 1976, the eccentric jazz composer and bandleader did it by appearing on Blue Genesis, a show on the University of Pennsylvania’s radio station WXPNreading his poetry with music. “The choice of poems and their sequencing offers what Sun Ra thought was most important in his writing,” writes John Szwed in Space is the Place: The Life and Times of Sun Ra. “Here are key words like ‘cosmos,’ ‘truth,’ ‘bad,’ ‘myth,’ and ‘the impossible’; attention to phonetic equivalence; the universality of the music and its metaphysical status; allusions to black fraternal orders and secret societies; biblical passages and their interpretation; and even a few autobiographical glimpses.”" Click to read more from an excellent post on Open Culture;

More Ra

I also recently checked out from my local library a new 2 cd collection of Sun's called "In The Orbit Of Ra". Which is well worth checking out. To read more about it follow this link.

And to wrap up today's holiday post here's a Pink Floyd Christmas song.

We have some more early Pink Floyd videos posted on our web portal.

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