Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bernie Sanders House Party & Defence Of Planned Parenthood


It's been almost three months since Bernie Sanders announced his entry into the 2016 Presidential race and I made my first post in support of his run. In that time his candidacy has made a huge impact he has drawn the largest crowds of any candidate and he has raised millions of dollars from more people than any one else seeking the Presidency. He's the first candidate I've ever volunteered for and the first one I've given money to. And now I'm going to turn my blog into my own personal soapbox for my reasons and activities I support of his race.

Tonight was another first for me as I gathered with another 20-30 people in a strangers apartment to listen to Mr Sanders speak and find out what else I can do to help him become the next President of the United States. Our gathering was one of more than 3500 with more than a hundred thousand attending taking place in every state.
We were treated to some light refreshments watched a brief speech by Senator Sanders via Internet hookup and were asked to volunteer. The theme of his ten minute speech was “enough is enough” a phrase he repeated over and over as he summed up the nations problems. With the focus being on our economic challenges. His solution for the most part revolves around opening up the system so that more people can benefit.

The other message that Bernie had tonight was that he alone won't be able to create the kind of change that we need. To fight the power of concentrated wealth that is strangling the nation it's going to take millions of aroused citizens to also stand up and say “enough is enough”. It's a message that that I take to heart which is why I'm standing up and making my voice heard.

Here is a video of Bernie's introduction & speech.

Another reason I support Senator Sanders is he's not afraid to speak out on any issue. For example while many Democrats have been silent on the issue Bernie Sanders has delivered a strong defence of Planned Parenthood. Here is his statement.

"The attempt by Senate Republicans to cut off support for Planned Parenthood is an attack on women’s health. Stripping funding for Planned Parenthood would punish the 2.7 million Americans, especially low-income women, who rely on its clinics for affordable, quality health care services including cancer prevention, STI and HIV testing and general primary health care services.
The current attempt to discredit Planned Parenthood is part of a long-term smear campaign by people who want to deny women in this country the right to control their own bodies.
Let’s be clear: Federal funding for Planned Parenthood does not pay for abortions. The vast majority of government funding that Planned Parenthood receives is through Medicaid reimbursements. Cutting that funding will be devastating to the health needs of millions of women who desperately need the quality services Planned Parenthood provides.
The videos that are the basis for the latest attack on the rights of women were heavily and obviously edited, but none of that matters to Senate Republicans who are always looking for a way to pander to an extreme segment of their extremist supporters.
The reality that Planned Parenthood provides vital health services to millions of women. What Senate Republicans are attempting to do with this legislation would literally kill women by denying them access to basic care. Abortions represent only 3% of all services provided by Planned Parenthood, and no federal money is used to pay for abortion services.
Mitch McConnell has scheduled a vote on the legislation to defund Planned Parenthood for next week, but the American people need to speak out against this shameful, deeply partisan, and deceptive attack on women before the Republicans take their show vote on a piece of legislation that will never become law while President Obama is in office."