Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lightnin Hopkins / Strikes Again, A Briefcase Of Blues Pt.1

Chicago's Bluesfest is coming up June 12 – 14 down in Grant Park. It's always a good time although I prefer to go down during the day and check out the action on the smaller stages rather than taking in the main acts at night. I also like wandering over a couple of blocks to Millers Pub to slake my thirst rather than deal with the hassle of getting beer at the fest. It's a great way to recharge your batteries.

If you want to see this years completelineup follow this link. We'll be posting more on the fest later because today we are posting on another matter of the blues.

Coincidentally I have a good friend who has lived in the same apartment for a long, long time and has accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. He recently got the word his building was sold and he had to clear out his storage locker so he has been cleaning house. So he calls to me the other day to see if I want a briefcase full of blues tapes.

Being something of a pack rat myself I said sure and drove over to pick it up. It was one of those monster cases that hold 120 tapes and man it was heavy, in the physical sense. After I got it home cracked it open I discovered it was heavy in the metaphoric sense as well. This was more of a goldmine than a briefcase. It was a superb collection of tapes offering a musical journey. If I still had a tape player.

My original intent was to put the whole thing on eBay and try and make a quick buck. Once I saw what was inside a better plan came to mind. Since I still did have a tape player why not dive in listen to some of the tapes. Then share what I've heard here on my blog taking you along with my journey.

So we begin with Lightnin Hopkins “Strikes Again” a cassette on the Collectables label #5216. The keyword on this collection of tunes would be laid back. If your looking for frenetic guitar solos and searing vocals this is not the set for you. On the other hand if you'd like some easy going “front porch” style blues this one comes up aces and you should defiantly check it out.

The LP was originally released on Home Cooking records during the 1970's. Here is the recording info I got from the book “Lightnin Hopkins His Life & Blues”
Recorded 4/11&12/1968 ACA Studios in Houston Texas. Lighting Hopkins guitar & vocals, Cedric Haywood piano, Lawrence Evans bass & Ben Turner drums.
Side 1; Born in the Bottom, Mojo Hand, The World's in a Tangle, I Went to Louisiana, Feel Like Balling the Jack
Side 2; A Man Like Me Is Hard to Find, Go Ahead, I Wonder Where She Can Be Tonight?, Old Man, Movin' Out, Crying For Bread

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