Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chicago's Near South Side Mansions, Murder, Motor Row & More

I used to think of the south of the loop as an area without much interest besides Chinatown. Once I started studying Chicago's history and walking around I discovered the south loop had a number of interesting spots.

There was the Prairie St. Historic District the post Chicago Fire home to the city's wealthy. 

Before they were scared out by the nearby Levee district where "legalized" vice reigned. 

There was motor row on south Michigan Ave. where turn of the century Chicagoans went to buy their horseless carriages. 

I even found the spot where Al Capones depression era soup kitchen once stood. All this and a whole lot more. 

I've just gathered the above videos and others into a playlist on ChiTownView. There is also have an album with more photos posted on Flickr follow this link to see it. 

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