Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jimi Hendrix Goes Up In Flames, Tours With The Monkees and Pink Floyd + MORE

We started a Mikes Diggs Music section on out web portal because well I dig music and I used to have a business selling records called Mikes Diggs. Anyway we have a page that has some offbeat Hendrix videos and stories on it. Like the one about The Jimi Hendrix Experience's short lived tour with The Monkees! It lasted for just eight dates before Jimi flipped off the audience and quit the tour. Below is a brief video of Monkee "bassist" Peter Tork's memories of the tour. The web post features much more.

Also included is footage; of a Stockholm concert from 1969, Jimi checking out Buddy Guy then getting up on stage with him from 1968, a blistering version of Machine Gun played as a tribute to slain Black Panther Mark Clark. There is the story of Jimi's November 1967 English tour with Pink Floyd and should you havea spare $14,000.00 a chance to buy a rare dual autograph of Hendrix and Roger Waters. All this and more at


And just for additional kicks I've thrown in this hot Hendrix video.


  1. Hey Mindsimedia thanks for the Hendrix, however I couldn't access your videos, the computer kept on saying " I need macromedia flash player" shite, we've been listening to Jimi years b/4 computer, so I just listened to my Blues by Jimi Hendrix c.d. along with a dragon's milk bottle to get it on! I was able to access your burning Hendrix video and it was great, I'll sweep out the ashes in the morning.
    Let It Burn

    1. Burn baby burn. But whatever you do don't click on that "I need macromedia flash player" link sounds like a virus thing. Sounds like you might have a trojan horse virus on your computer and clicking that link might activate it. Usually the flash player automatically updates. Happened to me once and it was six months of computer hell. Give me a call,