Monday, October 6, 2014

Arrigo Park Public Art In A Chicago Green Spot

The Taylor street area now known as University Village is a residental neighborhood tuckedice between the University of Illinois campus and the Rush Medical complex. It was one of two original Italian communities in the city. Nowadays it is more cosmopolitan and upscale than a hundred years ago when it was a mobster controled slum. Among other things it is home to Arrigo Park a nice little patch of green in a fairly dense residential area.

It is also has a couple of works of public art that I recently post videos of on our ChiTownView You Tube station.

Published on Oct 5, 2014
This bronze statue of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus is one of the few surviving relics of Chicago's 1893 Columbia Exposition. It was created for the “white city” by noted sculptor Moses Ezekiel. After the exposition this masterpiece was housed in Columbus Memorial Building located in the loop at State & Washington. That was torn down in 1959 and the statue was stored in a lumber yard until the Chicago Tribune wrote a story about it's plight. A community group was organized by Victor Arrigo and the statue was rescued and in 1966 was installed in what was then known as Vernon Park. Since then the park has been renamed Arrigo Park to honor the man who not only rescued the statue but served the area as a state representative.

Published on Oct 4, 2014
A small veterans memorial located in the Taylor St areas Arrigo Park on Chicago's near west side. The monument is just behind the statue of Christopher Columbus at the Lomis St. entrance.

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