Thursday, October 16, 2014

Erotic Art (?), Joe DiMaggio and The Violent Alderman's War In Chicago's Taylor Street Area

Three new videos posted on ChiTownView.

The Taylor Street area on Chicago's near west side is a community of well maintained older buildings with new development mixed in. It's sandwiched between the University of Illinois & the Rush Medical area. Earlier this month we took you to Arrigo Park and showed some of it's public art. Today we showcase two more interesting spots in this community and shine a spotlight on what was the cities most violent struggles for political power.

Published on Oct 16, 2014

Well who knows what is and isn't art and erotic is a personal decision right? It's in a beautiful little space right along Roosevelt Rd. in Chicago's Taylor St. / University Village / Little Italy neighborhood. Part of St. Ignatius College Prep this little green spot is also a time capsule that contains architectural details of two long gone Chicago institutions.

The large flower pot that opens the video is part of the cornice from the old Chicago Stock Exchange. A building designed by Dankmar Adler & Louis Sullivan and demolished in 1972. The massive bas reliefs that may or may not be considered racy were part of the old Chicago Stadium. Home of Michael Jordan's championship run with the Chicago Bulls. The panels were a gift by Bill Wirtz owner of the Blackhawks.

For more background on this spot follow this link.

Published on Oct 16, 2014

Located across the street from the Italian American Sports Hall of Fame at 1431 W Taylor Chicago's University Village is a delightful little plaza with fountains and this handsome statue of Joltin' Joe DiMaggio himself.

The bucolic  quiet streets and noble purposes of the institutions are a far cry from what the area was like almost a hundred years ago. Then the area was a teeming slum known as the bloody 19th ward seething with gangsters and crooked politicians. And the scene of the Alderman's War a violent conflict for political control that earned the area it's nickname.

In this video we show the Taylor St. area or University Village as it's now called and what some of the key sites of the story look like today. We meet Johnny Powers and Antonio D'Andrea the two principals of our story and hear the tale. It's another chapter in Chicago's hidden history that we call “Chicago Crime Now & Then”. Produced by Mike Beyer & MindsiMedia and presented on ChiTownView. To see more videos in the series click here.

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