Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Wire creator David Simon: why American politics no longer works

The Wire creator David Simon: why American

politics no longer works

The writer’s next show, Show Me a Hero, is the true story of a
battle over public housing that convulsed New York in the 80s. Here,
on location in Manhattan, he talks about how money corrupts US
politics, the erosion of the working class, why it’s a crime to be
poor in America – and why he likes to argue

“That’s the notion that the markets will solve everything. Leave me alone. I want maximum liberty, I want maximum freedom. Those words have such power in America. On the other hand ‘responsibility’ or ‘society’ or ‘community’ are words that are increasingly held in disfavour in the United States. And that’s a recipe for cooking up a second-rate society, one that does not engage with the notion of collective responsibility. We’re only as good a society as how we treat those who are most vulnerable and nobody’s more vulnerable than our poor. To be poor is not a crime, except in America.”  

Omar sums it all up in this classic scene from The Wire. 
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Totalitarianism, American Style From Alternet

From AlterNet

From remarks made by Chris Hedges on Saturday at a panel discussion in New York City titled “The Climate Crisis: Which Way Out?” The event occurred on the eve of the massive People’s Climate March in New York City. For a video of some of what the panelists said, click here.

"The old liberal class, the safety valve that addressed grievances and injustices in times of economic or political distress, has been neutered. There are self-identified liberals, including Barack Obama, who continue to speak in the old language of liberalism but serve corporate power. This has been true since the Clinton administration. Bill Clinton found that by doing corporate bidding he could get corporate money—thus NAFTA, the destruction of our welfare system, the explosion of mass incarceration under the [1994] omnibus bill, the deregulation of the FCC, turning the airwaves over to a half dozen corporations, and the revoking of FDR’s 1933Glass-Steagall reform that had protected our banking system from speculators. Clinton, in exchange for corporate money, transformed the Democratic Party into the Republican Party. This was diabolically brilliant. It forced the Republican Party to shift so far to the right it became insane."  

To read the entire post click here, Totalitarianism, American Style | Alternet

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Isis A History of This Terror Group And Where Their Money Comes From

It has been a mostly an off again year for us here at MindsiMedia but as summer turns to fall we look to become more on again. For sure there is enough going on in the world to take a look at and we have been doing a lot of work on our web site so lets get into it. First up we take a look at developments in the over decades long war on terror which by now should be called the war in error.

Isis our newest most deadly and dangerous enemy is like so many of our foes in this conflict that has come to define America in the 21st century is a product of blowback. They are an offshoot/mutation of a Sunni terrorist group called Jama’at al-Tawhid w’al-Jihad (the Party of Monotheism and Jihad) started by a Jordanian named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He arrived in Afghanistan in 1989 to fight the Soviets but was a little late for the party so he returned to his home country and bounced around the edges terror community for a decade.

He returned to Afghanistan in 1999 to set up his own terrorist training camp and while he met with Osama Bin Laden did not join al-Qeda. He fled Afghanistan in 2001 when the Taliban were ousted from power by the U.S.. Al-Zarqawi next turned up in Iraq where his presence was used as one of the pretexts for the American invasion. For the rest of the evolution of this group check out "ISIS:AShort History, The terrorist group's evolution from fervid fantasytodeath cult"

 from Atlantic magazine web site.

If you interested in a closer look at the overall development of radical Islam we have posted a three hour film called "The Power of Nightmares" on the Mindsi2 page of our web site. It is named after a now terminated YouTube station where looked at some of the hidden history of the development of the American empire..

But back to Isis knowing the history is one thing but where does the money trail lead? Who ponied up the money to start this group and how do they sustain themselves nowadays? For the answers to these questions we turn to a pair of articles I recently came across.

First from the excellent WhoWhatWhy site we have this story.

Saudi Connections to ISIS?

"Now that the U.S. is back at it in Iraq against a new foe, there’s suddenly renewed focus on evidence of Saudi involvement in 9/11.
More specifically, questions are now being asked about whether the U.S. government’s suppression of what it learned about Saudi Arabia during the 9/11 investigations contributed directly to the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria."
- See more at: 

But there is more than one revenue stream feeding this beast and today's Huffington Post provides this look at how Isis is being funded.

This Is How ISIS Makes $3 Million A Day

"U.S. intelligence officials revealed last week that they believe the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, is reaping as much as $3 million a day in revenue, making it one of the wealthiest terrorist groups in history.
The group desperately needs the money, for as one U.S. official recently told NBC: "Running a caliphate is not cheap." ISIS needs to pay, arm and feed its brigades. The group also rewards the families of killed militants with a pension, and it needs to cover the costs of governing the territory it has captured.
This is where the Islamic State is getting its money from:"

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vintage Las Vegas; Memories, Post Cards, Tokens, Video and One Cool Web Site

As a aficionado of neon signs Las Vegas is like going to Mecca and it's a pilgrimage I've made a three times. Along the way I've accumulated a number of trinkets photos, post cards and a few gambling tokens. In my ongoing efforts to downsize my stuff I started putting some of my Vegas stuff up oneBay.

Today I am sharing a few of the items along with some memories and some odds and ends. First up is this Polaroid photo I call “Full Moon On Fremont St.” because there high over the Fremont unexperience and it's blazing neon you can see yellow orb in all it's glory. It was taken on my wedding night. My wife and I were married at midnight on Valentines Day in Las Vegas. Originally I wanted to be married by an Elvis impersonator which never happened but we did do the deed at the Silver Bells chapel. To put the icing on the cake that night we were watching Crime Story before the ceremony and got to see fellow Chicagoan Dennis Farina slap some hood around in the parking lot of the Bells.

Talk about a double omen well it lasted for nineteen years and produced two great kids but as that classic song “Wedding Vows In Vegas” sung by Frank Sinatra Jr goes they don't last forever.

Here's a little sample of some of the cards & tokens they will be available for the next few days.

Both the Boulder & Vegas Clubs can be seen in this short color film of Fremont St. from 1939. Which has got to be the oldest color footage out there.

This clip was in a post I did last year that also had some cool vintage footage from Reno. If you'd like to check that out click here.

Finally in my research into old Vegas I came across an extremly cool web site that is chock full of outstanding photos & video of vintage Las Vegas called In it's well worth a look.!

That's all for now oops I almost forgot the gallery of Vegas photos I've taken in my various trips to the promised land check them out here on the MindsiMedia web portal. Do it now!