Sunday, July 20, 2014

Strippers Delight, Vintage Stag Films; Blaze Star, Bettie Page, Irving Klaw & More

MindsiMedia has been on You Tube for seven years and have had dozens of stations. Most of which are now defunkt. Among our collection we had our “sinema” SilkSpot which started as a project for a nightclub that didn't work out. The channel featured vintage skin flicks short clips of burlesque dancers, strippers and other women taking (most) of their clothes off. Sex gets peoples interest so even though the nightclub deal didn't work out the station has proved too popular to just kill. It was up for about three years before being terminated for repeated community standard violations.

On our web portal we have started  the “Too Hot For You Tube” page featuring many of the clips from this departed station. You will find that page here

 Relight My Fire

First we have  this clip of  burlesque queen Blaze Star. I didnt really like the soundtrack  so went to the InternetArchive to see find that would work better. There I came across the music of the Per Olund Band & MCVulcano and I found two songs that worked just fine. Then I had a little more music than video so what started out a vouyeristic view of Ms. Starrs bedtime routine turns into something more. The clip is long at seven minutes but those that don't stay for the last three minutes will be missing a climax that includes real atomic fireworks.
The Blaze Starr video is available here;
The music includes two tracks from Chaos - Per Olund Band & MCVulcano
The Pain Is Mine & Your Pain Is Mine
The Bomb blast from the FreeSoundProject by IFartInUrGeneralDirection (

Striphikers? 1940's Burlesque Film

Two comely young ladies are out for an afternoons ride out in the country when their car breaks down. They try to flag down a passing car at first by conventional methods. When that doesn't work they begin to peel off layers. STILL to no good effect.
Finally as the one wearing black removes her bra she manages to pull over a motorist. Only problem is it's a cop!
The soundtrack for this one I produced myself under the name Captain Zero & the Radioactive Lovers.

There's Bettie Page, Irving Klaw & more. So don’t forget to visit “Too Hot For YouTube” on the MindsiMedia web portal.

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