Thursday, July 17, 2014

ChiTownViews A New Series of Historic Chicago Postcards

ChiTownView is my YouTube station that offers little slices of Chicago history. ChiTownViews is the name of a new series of postcards that show and tell about events and people from the windy city’s colorful past. We have recently released the first collection of images on MindsiMedia which is our Zazzle store. The first group includes;

The Carter Harrison’s who were Chicago’s 1st father & son mayoral dynasties

See what Chicago looked like before the great fire on a previous blog post.
All that and more are found at MindsiMedia on Zazzle. Where in the next couple of months we will be expanding and offering hundreds of new items.

MindsiMedia is based in the Chicago area besides the new postcards and the afore mentioned YouTube video station. Our Flickr photostream and Shopify store 20th Century Retro are also places of interest to fans of the city on the shores of Lake Michigan. The best place to explore all that MindsiMedia has to offer is our web portal, stop by now.

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