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100+ Years of Film Animation from the Pioneers to the Nowadays

MindsiMedia Home is a YouTube station that features short, quirky, avant garde, surrealist and or underground films. Sometimes all in one film. I like making these kinds of videos and have become interested in their history. So MiMH is going to be my gathering place for these kinds of productions. This past week we have added four new clips to our libraries.
Two are our original productions;

Black & Blue Ac One Picture / One Minute Video Animation
This one is the first in a series of one minute video animations made from one photograph. Here's the story of its twenty plus year transformation. Back in the late 1980's and early 90's there were these little metal shiny discs that had designs etched in them. You spun them and they made colorful patterns. I took a series of Polaroid SX-70 photos of them spinning. I put them in storage for twenty years or so until 2005/6 when I brought them out and made some scans. Over the years I have done editing with Gimp on some of them and have posted some of these photos in our Photo Noir gallery on our web portal.

Recently I've been watching some early animation films by Georg Miles and Emile Cohl. We have posted some of these videos on our MindsiMediaHome YouTube station.

Anyway inspired by these early efforts I started animating some of my pictures to create short music videos. "Black and Blue" is our first finished one and it is made up of one single picture multiplied, regenerated and animated.
The music is provided by Captain Zero and the Radioactive Lovers who have returned to making music after a thirty year hiatus.

Seeing Beyond, a Collage Video, 1980's Juxtapose Art

This video is of a piece of collage art I created in the 1980's. I seeing beyond I juxtaposed images from different sources to create a larger picture that urges the viewer to probe beneath the surface of everyday life.
Originally the piece was housed in a heavy mirrored glass frame that really added to the overall effect. The soundtrack I added myself when I created the video.

The other two new uploads are by Emile Cohl and among the earliest animated films;

Hashers Delirium, Early (1910) Animated Drug Abuse Film, New Sdtk.

This short film by Emile Cohl is an early animation classic. Hasher's Delirium is also the first film to explore the psyche of an inebriated person. In primitive fashion of we explore the thoughts of a man as he sits and consumes a variety of intoxicating beverages. These are not the besotted musings of a happy drunk but an absurdist nightmare of dark and unsettling images.
Emile Cohl was born 1/4/1857 as Émile Eugène Jean Louis Courtet and was a renowned caricaturist and member of artistic movements like the Hydropathes and Incoherents. He was in his 50's when he became known as the father of the animated cartoon. Because of this film and his earlier one "Fantasmagorie" which is considered the first fully animated movie. Cohl went on to make over 200 short films between 1908 and 1921and was known as the Oldest Parisian until his death shortly after his 81st birthday in January of 1938.

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The music is "terror ambience" by Burning-Mir

The Automatic Moving Company (1909) 

Also by Emil Cohl is one of the most technically accomplished early stop-action films. Reminiscent of the magical inventiveness of George Melies and the Lumiere brothers, the film is less than five minutes long. It shows a horseless, motor less moving wagon taking in the contents of a furnished house. These contents are well trained as they are able to load and unload themselves. As if ghostly hands were guiding them.

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