Saturday, January 18, 2014

What the Loop Looked Like Before The Great Chicago Fire


January is the time of year in Chicago where most of the time is spent below the freezing temperture . So my thoughts wander  to warmer climes and hotter topics. Last January I made a brief post about alternative origins of the Chicago Fire that proved quite popular. This January fate & Stumbleer have provided me with another fire story to share with you.

The other day I came across the Chicagology site where they had what they claim is the largest collection of pre-fire photos. Showing what the city looked like before a good portion of it burned to the ground in October of 1871. I found it a fascinating collection and thought it would be cool if the collection were mapped out so if you were downtown you could find out what where you are looked like before the fire. There didn’t seem to be one around so I thought why not make one.

I’m getting to be kind of a map guy this is my third Chicago map last year I did Frank Lloyd Wright and Chicago Crime maps. Most of the links are to pre-fire photos but I’ve also added some post fire photos as well as links to pre-fire videos we’ve posted.

Great Chicago Fire map with starting point
Extent of fire damage.

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