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Mardi Gras In New Orleans, 1941 Color Film and Photos

Videos posted on ChiTownView 1/7/2013

It's January here in Chicago with the temperatures hovering around zero, streets covered with snow,  and the sun playing hide and seek for days on end. So at ChiTownView I am are turning our lens from the frozen streets of Chicago to warmer climes. Like the upcoming festival of good times known as Mardi Gras for which the city of New Orleans is famous for. I’ve just finished watching the 3rd season and am working my way through the fourth and final season of the wonderful HBO series Treme. Which is set in the Crescent City. We shall be exploring that fine show in an upcoming post about the golden age of television (we’re in it). 

Today we are going into the time capsule and going back to New Orleans in 1941 for a some vintage Mardi Gras. We have two films that feature the parades, floats, crowds, and faces from carnival week. The best part is they are in gorgeous color. The year is noteworthy because it was the first time women were allowed to march. The Parade of Venus is in the first clip Towards the end of the second clip there are a few minutes where the cameraman goes into the crowd and gets some closeups of the costumed people including some delightful children.

Laissez les bon temps roulez !!

 Since there is no sound on this film and I don't want to get in copyright trouble by adding music I have found a site that has a great collection of classic New Orleans music. Put that on in the background and enjoy.

I took some stills of the people in the crowd and posted them on Flickr here is a sample of that group.

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