Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chicago 2014

Please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! I’m trapped in HELL and need to get out, and only you can help me. The hell I’m in is called WINTER 2014 in Chicago which used to mean “stinky swamp” in some dead native language but not just means frozen Hades. I need to get out!!!!
Not only am I trapped this nonstop wintery purgatory but I have been through a lot of personal loss the last six months that I don’t want to get into but it all adds up to I need a vacation. It’s been going on six years since I’ve had one.
The problem is I’m broke and deep in the hole.
So this morning I looked out the window and was seized by a moment of poetic inspiration and dashed off this poem. Then I dug up this video of my next door neighbor’s snowman for the backdrop.
Now I ask for your help. Watch this video, like it; share it with your friends.
Please if you do me that simple favor you could literally save my life
You could rescue me from hell!!!!!!
I make advertising revenue so your views help.

So your simple act of kindness and sharing could have a huge impact if enough people watch.


  1. Why do I have to prove I'm not a ROBOT to comment on a SNOWMAN?
    Nice Video

  2. Because they work 24/7 and you don't have to pay them. Thanks for watching.