Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sally Rand, Vintage Tease Fan & Bubble Dancing

Here we present the star attraction of the 1933-34 Chicago Century of Progress World’s Fair. In this clip we see here doing not her famous fan dance but the sensually art deco bubble dance...
Born Hattie Helen Gould Beck dancer Sally Rand began her career as a chorus dancer at the tender age of thirteen in Kansas City. While still a teenager Sally ran away with a carnival drifting west to Hollywood and the movies. By then Hattie had changed her name to Billy Beck and she found steady if not spectacular work. Including some time working in the stock company of the great director Cecil B. Deville who gave Hattie her more famous name.

Sally’s movie career ended with the advent of the talkies due to her lisp. She went back to dancing which was her first love anyway. A resourceful gal looking for a steady work she combined this love for dance with the average mans desire to behold the female form and began experimenting with various forms of tease dancing.

In 1932 while working at the Paramount Club in Chicago Sally developed her fan dance that would bring her fame and fortune.  She was to become the mistresses of appearing to be naked and her big splash came at Chicago’s Century of Progress World’s Fair held in 1933 -34. For her arrival at the gates of the fair she recreated Lady Godiva’s ride that along with her ensuing performance resulted with her being arrested four times in one day. At her trial the judge threw the charges out and in his decision said.

"There is no harm and certainly no injury to public morals when the human body is exposed, some people probably would want to put pants on a horse.
. . .
When I go to the fair, I go to see the exhibits and perhaps to enjoy a little beer.  As far as I'm concerned, all these charges are just a lot of old stuff to me.  Case dismissed for want of equity."

-- Superior Judge Joseph B. David - July 19, 1933

Even after the charges were dropped powerful forces sought to keep her from performing but her popularity was so great that they couldn’t stop her. When the fair reopened in 1934 she   presented the dance featured in this video the less risqué bubble dance. 

Sally did more road work for a few years before returning  to southern California.  There she briefly returned to the movies before moving to San Francisco. In 1939 she presented “Sally Rand's Nude Ranch” at the Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco.  It featured women wearing cowboy hats, gun belts and boots, and little more.  Afterwards she took over The Great American Music Hall and started her own burlesque house and continued to perform for many years.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chicago 2014

Please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! I’m trapped in HELL and need to get out, and only you can help me. The hell I’m in is called WINTER 2014 in Chicago which used to mean “stinky swamp” in some dead native language but not just means frozen Hades. I need to get out!!!!
Not only am I trapped this nonstop wintery purgatory but I have been through a lot of personal loss the last six months that I don’t want to get into but it all adds up to I need a vacation. It’s been going on six years since I’ve had one.
The problem is I’m broke and deep in the hole.
So this morning I looked out the window and was seized by a moment of poetic inspiration and dashed off this poem. Then I dug up this video of my next door neighbor’s snowman for the backdrop.
Now I ask for your help. Watch this video, like it; share it with your friends.
Please if you do me that simple favor you could literally save my life
You could rescue me from hell!!!!!!
I make advertising revenue so your views help.

So your simple act of kindness and sharing could have a huge impact if enough people watch.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Mystic Krewe of Comus, The Pickwick Club New Vintage Post Cards

New items added to our Zazzle MindsiMedia store 1/20/2014

  As Mardi Gras approaches at MindsiMedia we continue to explore this New Orleans signature event. You see I’m based in Chicago’s western suburbs and this time of year it’s all about snow, wind and cold. So I’m thinking of warmer climes and funky good times. And that to me spells the Crescent City.
So adding to our previous post about Mardi Gras 1941 is this update. We have added four new post card designs to our inventory add the MindsiMedia shop on Zazzle. They are three photos and an illustration from around Canal St. in New Orleans during Mardi Gras ranging in date from 1867 to 1908.
New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade 1900
A look at Mardi Gras in New Orleans from 1900 is in this public domain photo. The statue in the upper left area of the photo is of Henry Clay and has been moved to its present location in Lafayette Park.

The Mystic Krewe of Comus On Parade 1867
The New Orleans Mardi Gras parade by Mystic Krewe of Comus from 1867 is the subject of the public domain illustration. Comus are one of New Orleans oldest Krewes the organizations that organize the balls and run the parades. Comus were the first Krewe to parade with torches and floats. The theme of their parade that year was “The Triumph of Epicurus” with each member of the parade dressed to represent an item of food or drink. They presented an entire menu on parade all done without carts or floats because of post wartime restrictions.

New Orleans at Night, 1903
Here's another in our historic looks at old New Orleans. This public domain photo shows an unnamed "hotel" newly illuminated in 1903. 

The Pickwick Club New Orleans On Canal Street   
Here is a historic photo of one of New Orleans oldest and more notorious private clubs, The Pickwick. What makes this card special is that it taken at the clubs original location. The club staffs many of the old line Mardi Gras Krewes and has a history of exclusion. In 1936 the owner of the building a Jewish pawnbroker known as Money-Bags Fertel refused to renew the lease because the club didn't allow Jews. To read more about the Pickwick and other off the beaten path New Orleans spots check out this blog post. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/new-orleans-beyond-bourbon-street-48566775/

If you’re interested in the early of Mardi Gras in New Orleans I have a copy of “Mardi Gras ....As It Was” by Robert Tallant for sale at 20th Century Retro. 

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Andy Warhol, David Lynch, So. Cal. Mansions New Vintage Finds On 20th Century Retro

New On 20th Century Retro MindsiMedia Zazzle 1/19/2014

We have added a number of new new post cards and unique items of wall decor items to our Shopify store 20th Century Retro. Everything  from David Lynch’s baby to a Taj Mahal in southern California, below are some examples.

The Taj, Casa de las Joyas in La Jolla Ca. B&W Postcard
Taj Mahal in southern California is what this 1920’s mansion is known as. The House of Jewels sits on a hill just north of San Diego in La Jolla California. It was designed by a British military intelligence officer turned architect Herbert Palmer. This is a “Photo Post Card” and is in excellent condition. For more information click on the photo.


Andy Warhol's “Two Elvis” Framed Reproduction
Here we have another item from our Elvis files. It's a fusion of two of the late 20th centuries biggest cultural icons Elvis Presley and Andy Warhol. For sale is a 1983 reprint of Andy Warhol's 1963 “Two Elvis” authorized by the Warhol foundation. It is housed in a unique hand painted frame that would have fit right into Elvis’s jungle room at  Graceland.

Eraserhead Baby Photo In Antique Frame
Here’s a nice bit of movie memorbilia from Eraserhead. Director David Lynch’s cult classic debut film. This 8X10 glossy photo is in a gilded metal frame. 

20th Century Retro offers free shipping for the lower 48 states of the US by regular mail. For all others there will be an additional surcharge depending on destination.  Contact us for a quote.There is a discount on shipping more than one item.  

We also like to encourage local customers and while I don’t have a store I do offer a generous discount to those living or willing to pick up in Forest Park Il. If either of those are you please contact me to make payment and delivery details.  

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America In Outer Space, First Moon Landing & Shuttle Flight

New on ChiTownView 1/19/2014

As the weather around Chicago is pretty miserable in January at ChiTownView we turn our electronic eye on subjects out of town. Or in this case we will take our viewers out off this planet into out space. Today we present a pair of videos from the files of N.A.S.A. from the golden age of the US space program.

The Eagle Has Landed: The Flight of Apollo 11 (1969)
This film tells the story of the historic first landing of men on the Moon in July, 1969. It depicts the principal highlight events of the mission from launching through post-recovery activities of Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, and Michael Collins. Through television, motion picture and still photography, the film provides an "eye-witness" perspective of the Apollo 11 mission.

Space Shuttle: A Remarkable Flying Machine (1981)
This film documents the first historic flight of a space shuttle, the U.S. spacecraft Columbia, which launched on April 12, 1981. The footage highlights liftoff, the onboard activities of astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen, as well as the landing in Rogers Dry Lake bed in California.

N.A.S.A.,space program,outer space,apollo 11,moon landing,first moon landing,space shuttle,shuttle columbia,first shuttle flight,astronauts

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

What the Loop Looked Like Before The Great Chicago Fire


January is the time of year in Chicago where most of the time is spent below the freezing temperture . So my thoughts wander  to warmer climes and hotter topics. Last January I made a brief post about alternative origins of the Chicago Fire that proved quite popular. This January fate & Stumbleer have provided me with another fire story to share with you.

The other day I came across the Chicagology site where they had what they claim is the largest collection of pre-fire photos. Showing what the city looked like before a good portion of it burned to the ground in October of 1871. I found it a fascinating collection and thought it would be cool if the collection were mapped out so if you were downtown you could find out what where you are looked like before the fire. There didn’t seem to be one around so I thought why not make one.

I’m getting to be kind of a map guy this is my third Chicago map last year I did Frank Lloyd Wright and Chicago Crime maps. Most of the links are to pre-fire photos but I’ve also added some post fire photos as well as links to pre-fire videos we’ve posted.

Great Chicago Fire map with starting point
Extent of fire damage.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mardi Gras In New Orleans, 1941 Color Film and Photos

Videos posted on ChiTownView 1/7/2013

It's January here in Chicago with the temperatures hovering around zero, streets covered with snow,  and the sun playing hide and seek for days on end. So at ChiTownView I am are turning our lens from the frozen streets of Chicago to warmer climes. Like the upcoming festival of good times known as Mardi Gras for which the city of New Orleans is famous for. I’ve just finished watching the 3rd season and am working my way through the fourth and final season of the wonderful HBO series Treme. Which is set in the Crescent City. We shall be exploring that fine show in an upcoming post about the golden age of television (we’re in it). 

Today we are going into the time capsule and going back to New Orleans in 1941 for a some vintage Mardi Gras. We have two films that feature the parades, floats, crowds, and faces from carnival week. The best part is they are in gorgeous color. The year is noteworthy because it was the first time women were allowed to march. The Parade of Venus is in the first clip Towards the end of the second clip there are a few minutes where the cameraman goes into the crowd and gets some closeups of the costumed people including some delightful children.

Laissez les bon temps roulez !!

 Since there is no sound on this film and I don't want to get in copyright trouble by adding music I have found a site that has a great collection of classic New Orleans music. Put that on in the background and enjoy.


I took some stills of the people in the crowd and posted them on Flickr here is a sample of that group.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Devo The Early Years 1970-1978

I recently took a trip down memory lane when I came across some old concert stubs from the late 1970’s and early 80’s as well as a hand written list of the concerts I’d seen. Ah the memories Ramones, Dictators, Elvis Costello, The B52's, Dead Kennedy's and many more. Among them was the stub below from a Devo concert 111/1/1978 during their first nationwide tour. B'ginnings was a club in Schaumberg a far northwestern suburb of Chicago. Partially owned by one of the members of the band Chicago it was not your average punk mecca. Yet they hosted groups like; The Jam, Ian Dury, The Stranglers, Lou Reed and on a cold wintery night without much of an audience The Police.

When I started doing some research on the show I’d been to I came across a site that listed all the Devo shows and was somewhat surprised to find out they had been playing around Ohio since the early 70’s. Then I did some more poking around and discovered that Jerry Casale one of the founding members of Devo was a student at Kent State. He was also a member of the SDS (Students For A Democratic Society). On May 4 ,1970 he participated in the demonstration where four protesters were gunned down in cold blood by the National Guard. The incident had a profound effect on Casale that turned his life inside out.

 "That solidified brute power winning out over truth. They got away with murder. When you live through that and see the newspapers are a complete and utter lie, you realize that's the real world. I wouldn't have been into a Devo aesthetic if that hadn't happened to me." He then shed any trace of counterculture style he may have associated with peace and love. "I cut my hair, got rid of my flared pants and velour shirts, and went to this pimp store in Cleveland, where I bought straight-legged pants, high, black shoes, and a long leather jacket, like you'd see the Black Panthers wearing."
Devo as a band surfaces three years later mainly as a studio/basement band more interested in recording and films. In their first four years they only do a couple of dozen concerts all in and around Ohio. This includes one concert where they played after a showing of John Water’s classic film Pink Flamingos and a Halloween gig where they opened for Sun Ra.

“Jerry Casale describes the event in his liner notes for DEVO LIVE-The Mongoloid Years: "Full fledged aliens without a clue. DEVO is hired as a practical joke to open for Sun Ra at WHK FM's annual Halloween bash. The used-to-be famous, now infamous, radio personality, Murray The K displays a thinly veiled contempt as he introduces us to the invitation only crowd. Dressed as witches, gangsters, and hunchbacks, and high on nitrous oxide (provided by the station), hash and liquor, they are eagerly awaiting a slick cover band who can deliver precise, immaculate, renditions of Bad Company hits. Instead, they are subjected to DEVO.”
Here’s a couple of early clips one is an early live video and the other features some of their basement recordings.

Jerry Casale was at the same time also belonged to a R&B bar band called 15 60 75 or the numbers band. A group that is still gigging there’s no video of them from this period but there was a live lp that features Jerry on bass. Here’s an audio only clip from that era.

In 1977 Devo made their first foray outside of Ohio playing gigs in New York and on the west coast. In the second half of 1977 they would do more shows than the first four years. And from there the band continued to tour and grow and on October 15 1978 mainstream America got it’s first look at Devo when they appeared on Saturday Night Live. Two weeks after that on Nov. 1 they were at B’inings in Schaumburg which is where this story began. Here's a few more vintage Devo clips.

And last but not least Devo and Neil Young

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Velvet Underground 1965 TV Appearance w/ Walter Cronkite and More

Posted from MikesDiggs Music 1/1/2014

Forty nine years ago yesterday the Velvet Underground made their first tv appearance. I recently came across a silent clip of this moment. I added it to my Velvet Underground page on the MikesDiggs Music blog at MindsiMedia.info. On it we have posted a number of 1960's films of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. In previous posts here we have showcased some of these videos but we have recently added a new batch of clips including this one.

CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite

"The Making of an Underground Film about Piero Heliczer's film Venus In Furs, with the Velvet Underground performing Heroin, Heliczer joining in on saxophone.

This is, I think, the only circulating excerpt from The Velvet Underground's first TV appearance. The 31 seconds here are taken from the 1996 BBC documentary 'Dancing in the Streets'. Shorter versions of the same clip have been more recently used in the John Cale documentary from 1998, and the 'Seven Ages of Rock' documentary. No sound because the original soundtrack isn't included on any of the circulating versions."

Uploaded to YouTube by msturdy 

To see more early Velvet Underground film clips as well as a trailer for the "Venus In Furs" movie click here for our Velvet's page. Part of the Mikes Diggs Music section on our MindsiMedia.info web portal.