Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Christmas Episode Of Dragnet That Caused Controversy With The N.R.A.

Part 1 of 2 there is a link at the end of the first episode to the second.

Controversy and espousing "liberal" causes are two things one doesn't associate with Jack Webb and hi show Dragnet but such is the case with this episode.  It was first broadcast in 1949 when the show as still on radio. Despite complaints and a letter writing campaign from the National Rifle Association it ran for the next three holiday seasons. When the police chief of LA was asked about his response he said he hoped there would be more shows about the danger of giving guns to kids. When the show migrated to TV a version a new version was broadcast on December 18, 1952.

In the story Friday and his partner investigate that was e the disappearance of two young boys. The only clues are some blood in the backyard and a .cartridge from a rifle. The story ends tragically as it turns out one of the boys was accidently shot while playing with a rifle that was an early Christmas gift.

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