Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Life In The Leigon of The Cramped

Lux Interior has been gone for almost five years now and the last time I saw them a decade ago they were trading on past glories. But there was a time when The Cramps were the greatest rock and roll band in the world. I was there and was lucky enough to experience it. 

Lux &  Ivy never pretended they offered anything new, revolutionary or radical. They were a living pastichie of the sights, sounds and looks of the world they surrounded themselves in. A world of sex, exploitation and a musical mayhem of garage ,surf, rockabilly and other kinds of greasy rock and roll. It was a heady brew and a cup I drank deeply from.

It all came back this fall when I was cleaning out my basement and came across a cache of Cramps artifacts. There was a collage I made as a tribute to Lux when I heard about his death. I also found a set of slides I took when they headlined their first show in Chicago. Including a shot of Lux with his pants open and “flag flying”. These slides have never been published until now in the video on the right.

My favorite find though was a video and the event it captured I’d forgotten all about, The Cramps Live At Napa State. Now this Napa State isn’t a college but rather a mental institution. They are playing for an audience made up of the patients and it’s a perfect match. Here on the right we have posted that video.

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