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Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Traffic More, 1967 Psychedelic Christmas Concert

Christmas on Earth Continued was a legendary 1967 of British psychedelia. It was an all day and night event on 12/22/1967 at Olympia Exhibition Hall in London. Among the performers were;  The Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd with Syd, Traffic, The Move, Soft Machine, Tomorrow and Eric Burdon & The New Animals. The entire thing was professionally filmed but the film they used was out of date so most of the footage was lost.
We have gathered the surviving parts we could find and are presenting them here. I had never heard of this concert until a couple of weeks ago when I was updating the Jimi Hendrix page on my web site. I found the Hendrix footage from this concert as well as another dynamite Jimi rarity. In this one he starts out sitting in a small club watching Buddy Guy and then he gets up onstage and jams with him. You find both those videos and more Hendrix @MikesDiggs Jimi.

The concert was notable as being the last appearance of Syd Barrett with Pink Floyd. The following is an account from someone who was there. It and the other comments that follow are from an article in Record Collector magazine No. 20 Dec 1997. I came across it on more extensive post on this event at the Steve Hoffman Music Forums site. There you will find more comments from Pink Floyds managers at the time.
John Newey (Punter):
“There’s a legend about Syd Barrett, that he sat in the dressing room and dolloped this crumbled Mandrax (a prescription sleeping drug) and Brylcreem on his head, which melted under the lights and ran down his head. I remember seeing this liquidy stuff – I thought his black eye make up was running. And he was sweating profusely.
It was Syd’s last big gig with Pink Floyd. He just stood there as if he was on another planet. He contributed very little and his arms were hanging limply down. It looked sad and all over the place. They had coloured perspex triangles on stage that lit up. There were long rambling ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ jams. But it was far from Floyd at their best.”

Jeff Dexter (Punter):
“Pink Floyd: Not a great gig. A sad night for them. People had realised Syd was losing it but that was acceptable, if you were on the underground scene, man! It was all experimental, but it got boring – they carried on with an experimental riff for what seemed like ages.

David Larcher filmed it for the promoters, Image Inc. It was early days and Hendrix was
overpriced for those times in the U.K., and there wasn’t enough money to pay everybody. The idea was that they’d sell the film to pay the cost of putting on the show, because shows didn’t make any money. But old film stock was used, which wasn’t very good, so most of the film was pretty useless. The Hendrix clip is the only bit to have surfaced – on Live At Monterey.”

John Love (Co-organiser):
“The real disaster, long term, was the the film was no good. The person who took care of the filming bought outdated film stock which, had it been good, would have made us all millionaires. Very little was usable.”

Noel Redding (Performer):
“Syd Barrett was going silly by that point.”

More at the Steve Hoffman Music Forums site.

Here are the other clips I found.

Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends promo
Among other bits this promo contains footage of Syd Barrett with Pink Floyd, Traffic & Jimi Hendrix, filmed on 22nd December 1967, at the Grand and National Halls, Kensington Olympia, London, "Christmas on Earth Continued". Also of interest is the Beatles footage which show out-takes from the 'A Day In The Life' promo filmed at Abbey Road on 10th February 1967. Many of these clips were NOT used in the official promo for the song.

From Mark Jones  YouTube station

Traffic - Christmas on Earth Continued, 22-12-1967

From Robstar Savage YouTube station

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