Monday, December 2, 2013

Henry Darger's Room and Realms of the Unreal

Henry Darger's Room 1973 

Here we have a silent film I came across on"Henry Darger's Room" takes us inside the world of Chicago outsider artist Henry Darger. Darger is one of the least known most promminante artists of the 20th century. He was orpahned as a child and spent a lot of his early years in foster care and asylums. As an adult he was a largely solitary person living on the margins of society. He spent more than forty years living in the apartment featured in this movie. It was located in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. This is here where he created his "world" of artwork and writings.

This movie was made by Coleen Fitzgibbon, assisted by Michael Thompson. It was f ilmed on super8 film at Mr. Darger's apartment on a camera by Coleen Fitzgibbon, filmmaker and Michael Thompson late spring 1973 in Chicago, IL. Invited to film by Nathan Lerner and Michael Baruch. The room was cluttered with art materials, Darger's books and artworks and newspaper clippings.
For more information on Henry Darger follow this link.

This movie is part of the collection: XFR STN Project
About the  XFR STN Project
“XFR STN” initially arose from the need to preserve the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club distribution project. MWF was a co- op “store” of the artists ́ group Colab (Collaborative Projects, Inc.), directed by Alan Moore and Michael Carter from 1986–2000, which showed and sold artists’ and independent films and videos on VHS at consumer prices........."

While researching Mr. Darger I also came across this filmIn "the Realms of the Unreal" a 2004 about him that is also excellent.

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