Friday, December 6, 2013

Frank Lloyd Wright In Oak Park, Two Homes On Fair Oaks

Last week we posted videos of two Frank Lloyd Wright homes on north East Ave. in Oak Park Il. Now we return to that same area and visit two more homes designed by the prairie school master. They are both located on the 500 block of Fair Oaks one block east of the homes on North East.

Frank Lloyd Wright In Oak Park, The Warren Furbeck Home 

At 515 Fair Oaks we find this unique house that Frank Loyd Wright did in 1897 at the start of his period of transition and experimentation that led to his modern "prairie" style. It's second story columns are fairly unique in a Wright design. This is one of two Oak park homes Wright designed for wealthy stockbroker Warren F.Furbeck. Which he in turn gave away as wedding presents to two of his sons. It is also one of two Wright homes on ts block.

Frank Lloyd Wright In Oak Park The William G. Frickie House

About a half a block north and on the other side of the street from the Furbeck house we find the William G. Frickie house at 548 Fair Oaks in Oak Park IL. Built in 1901 for a man who made his fortune in the school supply business. The garage is not part of the original structure. It was designed by Wright and added on five years later. There was also an open air pavillion on the south end of the house that was torn down and replaced with a brick colonial home about 20 years later.

And here's a Google map of Wright designs in the Chicago area.

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Here is a link to the Frank Loyd Wright Preservation Trust where you can get all kinds of information on tours.

 The Wikipedia entry on Wright is fairly extensive it is also well worth checking out.

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