Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Forest Park Il. Newest Store, 20th Century Retro, Objects Of A Bygone Era

Forest Park Il. newest store isn’t a place you go to. 20thCentury Retro comes to you, in two ways. First we bring our store to where ever you are through the Internet. But nowadays who doesn’t, right? Then the second way is if you live in Forest Park or are willing to travel there we offer you a generous (at least 20%) discount.  A lot of people want to use the Internet to sell things all over the world. I would like to use it to sell things to my neighbors and others in my community.
Ok sounds good. What kind of store is this? What do you sell? With a name like 20th Century Retro you might guess we are some kind of vintage resale store. And you would be right.  Now it is mainly a sale of my own collection of books, postcards and various odd objects from that last century.
You see back when it was the 20th century I was a vintage collector and at one time had a basement full of everything from postcards to pinball machines. Twenty years of moving, parenthood, divorce and unemployment had eliminated most of my stuff. Now I’m cleaning house and at the same time offering  a new service at the same time.

.Because I’m making this store available local businesses or individuals in the Forest Park / Oak Park Il. area who would like to sell online but don’t have time. You see I am more interested in developing online networks then exploring ways to use them  for marketing  than I am having a business that involves buying, selling, storing and shipping stuff.  So why not let me go to work for you? For now I'm looking for those who also have vintage / antique items from the 20th century they would like to sell. 

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