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Early Film Animation From George Milies & Thomas Edison

We have brought back our old YouTube station MindsiMedia. It was terminated earlier this year over three alleged copyright violations over a five year period when we uploaded hundreds of videos. So we lost hundreds of videos that had no copyright problems. Since then we've put some up on ChiTownView but a lot of them just don't fit in there.So we have taken our YouTube station My Beautiful Vision and renamed it MindsiMedia Home.

Among our initial uploads we have a couple of early examples of film animation by two of the giants of early film; George Milies & Thomas Edison.

The Devil in a Convent (1899)
(aka Le Diable au Convent)
Directed by Georges Méliès

This is an early fim by George Melies who made the first science fiction and horror movies. "The Devil In A Convent " may be one of the first films to explore the supernatural. It features special effects created by Milies that for 1899 were considered amazing.

In the film a priest departs a chapel and right away it is taken over by a demon. This devil redcorates the holy spot and brings in some of his minnions and they begin to party. They are soon confronted by the nuns who chase off his helpers and then the devil does battle with a series of men before being defeated by St. Michael who comes down to save the day. All this in three minutes.

Director: Georges Méliès
Writer: Georges Méliès
Stars: Georges Méliès (as The Devil)
Country: France
Release Date: 30 June 1900 (USA)
Also Known As: The Devil in a Convent
Also Known As: The Sign of the Cross
Production Co: Star-Film
This movie is part of the collection: The Georges Méliès Collection

Director: Georges Méliès
Producer: Georges Méliès
Production Company: Star Film Company;
Creative Commons license: Public Domain Mark 1.

Edison Film From 1900, The Enchanted Drawing Early Animation

United States : Edison Manufacturing Co., 1900.

From Edison films catalog: Upon a large sheet of white paper a cartoonist is seen at work rapidly sketching the portrait of an elderly gentleman of most comical feature and expression. After completing the likeness the artist rapidly draws on the paper a clever sketch of a bottle of wine and a goblet, and then, to the surprise of all, actually removes them from the paper on which they were drawn and pours actual wine out of the bottle into a real glass. Surprising effects quickly follow after this; and the numerous changes of expression which flit over the face in the sketch cause a vast amount of amusement and at the same time give a splendid illustration of the caricaturist's art. 100 feet. 15.00.

Copyright: Thomas A. Edison; 16Nov1900; D21656.

Performer: J. Stuart Blackton.
Camera, Albert E. Smith.
Duration: 1:26 at 18 fps.
Paper print shelf number (LC 1592) was changed when the paper prints were re-housed.
Filmed ca. September to early November 1900, on Vitagraph's rooftop studio in New York, New York.
Sources used: Copyright catalog, motion pictures, 1894-1912; Library of Congress video collection, v. 3, Origins of American animation, 1900-1921; McIntire, J. Silent animated films at the Library of Congress, 1995; Musser, C. Edison motion pictures 1890-1900, 1997, p. 641; Niver, K.R. Early motion pictures, 1985; Edison films catalog, no. 105, July 1901, p. 81 [MI].
Digital file includes a piano score composed and performed by Philip Carli.

Creative Commons license: Public Domain Mark 1.0

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