Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chicago Crime Now And Then, An Interactive Map

Chicago Crime Now And Then is a series of videos on ChiTownView / YouTube. Each short clip visits the site of an important place in the vast and colorful history of crime in Chicago. We have been focused on organized crime which dates back to the  1850's and we go up to the 1980's. All the infamous names and places are here; Al Capone, Sam Giancana, Tony Accardo, The St. Valentines Day  Massacre, The Levee and much much more. Over sixty clips so far. We have posted the new releases here on this blog and have collected all of them in the "Chicago Crime Now And Then" playlist on the ChiTownView station.

Now we made a Google map so you create your own Chicago gangster tour and go to the spots they don't cover in the paid tours. All the spots have video links so you can see the video and read the accompanying story. Where you see the red lines and pins you have one video showing more than one spot. We have also embedded a couple of videos from the series below the map.

This is an ongoing project we will be expanding. We are also interested in tips or suggestions from viewers out there. Perhaps you have a story to tell or some pictures or film you might want to share? If you do let me know.

View Chicago Crime Now & Then (organized) in a larger map

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