Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An Afternoon Of Vintage Rock Flicks On Turner Classic Movies

On New Years Eve Turner Classic Movies ran a series of rock and roll movies from the late 1950's & early 60's. Other than a couple of Elvis movies to wind things up most of them were pretty obscure. My favorite was one called Let's Rock with Julius La Rosa although I didn't get a chance to watch them all.

Just finishing is Go Johnny Go w/ Chuck Berry & Richie Valens

Starting at 9:45  CST is Let's Rock w/ Julius La Rosa this is more of a ballads fight back movie that also features Paul Anka, 
with some really scary eyebrows. But it does rock out at times like this number by  the Royal Teens.

and it also features some dynamite stepping as four young kids do The Stroll.

11:15 It's Trad Dad which is a British film with Chubby Checker & Gene Vincent

12:45 Rock Around The Clock w/ Bill Haley
2:15 is Twist Around The Clock w/ Chubby Checker
3:45 starts an Elvis Presley double feature with Jailhouse Rock followed by at
5:30 Viva Las Vegas

After that they switch over to the That's Entetainment series.

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