Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Seinfeld Years / A Look At The First And Last Episodes

Sorry to say but this series of posts has been cancelled because I'd rather just watch and enjoy them.

Two coincidental things happened to me last week. I read an article where TV Guide had a list of the 50 greatest TV shows of all time. The 1990’s comedy Seinfeld was ranked as the best. A couple of days later I was out thrifting when I came across the first five seasons of this best show of all time for $10. So of course I had to pick them up.
Now I’ve seen all of them and am a big fan. I didn’t know about it when it was first on but then one night in  November of 1992 when I had my first encounter. It was shortly after we had our first child and I was getting him to bed. A task made more difficult by the chortteling of my wife who was watching some TV show. Now Judy was not a person given to open guffawing at network television. So after I got the lad to sleep I asked her what she had been watching. Something called Seinfeld and I promptly forgot all about it, until next week.
Once again I was putting Michael to bed and once again something on TV was very funny. This time I finished earlier and walked up to see what sooo was funny. And what do I walk into but some chubby balding guy got caught by his mother masturbating to Vogue magazine. He didn’t say the word but there was NO doubt what was being discussed. That was my first moment.
Anyway since I have the first five seasons I’m going to watch them in order. And write about the experience here.

Season 1 Episode 1 “The Seinfeld Chronicles”
And how does the greatest TV series of all time begin? With comic Jerry Seinfeld working in a nightclub doing a monologue on how great it is to go out. It’s the first of a few of these club act cutaways that are sprinkled throughout the episode.
The story revolves around Laura a woman Jerry met while on the road. She is coming to New York and after picking her up at the airport Jerry lets her stay at his apartment. It’s not until after he agrees to let her stay she finds out she’s engaged.
While this all unfolds Jerry, George & Kramer explore the situation in hilarious conversation. There’s a great scene in the Laundromat where George watches Jerry do his laundry and the scene ends with the line “You can’t over die and you can’t over dry”..
There is also Kramer’s opening line “You got any meat?” Here's a clip from the episode.

The first season starts on July 5, 1989 the next episode doesn’t air until May of next year. And since this isn't going to be a series I thought I'd add a clip showing the last moments of the show.

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  1. A new daily(for the most part) blog series. Join me as I watch the first five seasons of Seinfeld .