Sunday, November 24, 2013

Frank Lloyd Wright In Oak Park, Two Homes On North East Ave.

Oak Park Il., a western suburb of Chicago, is known worldwide as the home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He was the father of the prairie school style of architecture that flourished at the start of the 20th century. Regular readers of our blog will know on ChiTownView we have posted videos of all his Oak Park structures he designed and many of the others that abound in the Chicago  area. Besides those videos MindsiMedia also offers photos, Wright related items on our on linestore, a Google map with all his surviving Chicago are designs and more.

Since the Wright videos were among our first original productions the there are some I’m unhappy with. In a lot of the cases I converted the HD footage to regular .wmv files so I could add titles, music or narration. Our production facilities here are somewhat limited. Sometimes the video was shot in the summer or fall when landscape elements can obscure parts of the homes.Whatever the reasons this winter we are going out and reshooting some of the videos and adding a new playlist of the some of the other rich architecture that there is in the area.

If you are planning to visit our area to see these magnificent structures we suggest you subscribe to our blog and explore the rest of our world. We offer a somewhat different look at Chicago and the rest of the world for that matter. We would love to hear from you and let us know how we can do better.

Anyway here are our first two updated videos and a look at our map of Wrights Chicago area designs, a  map that includes links to videos.

The Edward H, Cheney House, 520 N. East
A little bit east and north of the Wright  Historic District  are two gems by the prairie school master and are well worth visiting. First we have the Edward H, Cheney House which was built in 1903. It's a quietly stunning house that is so low to the ground it seems to be part of the landscape.

It was the construction of this house when Mr. Wright began an affair scandalous long running affair with Mrs. Cheney. That culminated in 1909 when Wright abandoned practice and traveled Europe with Mrs. Cheney. He eventually left Oak Park as well leaving it build his country estate Taliesin in Wisconsin. The affair ended tragically in 1914 when an insane servant slaughtered Mrs. Cheney and the children while Wright was away.

The William E. Martin House, 636 N East
A block and a half north of the Cheney home on East Ave. we have the William E. Martin house at 636 N. East. It offers a most interesting contrast in styles. While the Cheney home is low to the ground and almost seems to be part of it the Martin home is like a staircase leading up to the sky. The home caught the eye of Martins brother who was a wealthy industrialist living in Buffalo. This led to Wright to Buffalo where he did six homes and an office building.

At one time there was a formal garden with a pagoda to the south the part that juts out at the beginning of the clip was a passageway to these gardens.

View Frank Lloyd Wright In Chicago in a larger map

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