Friday, November 29, 2013

Can’t Take No More, Banned OSHA Documentary

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One of three films produced during the Carter administration about the history of labor safety. They were banned in 1981 by the Reagan White House because they were favorable to labor.
Copies were recalled and burned those that didn’t return their copies had their funding threatened. It’s only recently that they became available again and are now part of the National Archive.This film “Can’t Take No More” traces the history of the workplace safety movement and is narrated by Studs Terkel and features an original score by Oscar Brand.

This film was preserved through the years through the efforts of Mark Catlin, who made this and other censored OSHA films available for digitizing.

Narrator: Studs Terkel
Executive Producer: Ginny Durrin
Producer/Writer: Janet Hayman
Original Score by: Oscar Brand
Cinematographer: Kip Durrin
Editor: Terry Halle
Produced by Durrin Films, Inc. for the Government.

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