Monday, October 7, 2013

Solar Power Plant In Chicago's West Side, Welcome To The 21st CenturyChicago

I took my sister over to get her drivers licence renewed at the Secretary of States office on Lexington Ave.  It's an oddly located facility at the end of a dead end street tucked between the highway and an industrial area. I had some time, and my camera, on my hands so I started walking around and checking out the area.

As it turns out the road is blocked by a new solar power plant. Chicago being located on the western shore of Lake Michigan has  large water treatment facilities and sells cleaned lake water to outlying towns and counties. This plant provides backup to the pumping system that sends the water out to Du Page county.

     Slowly all across the globe solar and other renewable energy sources are being tapped and old ways of energy are being replaced by new ones. In some countries like Germany, Spain and Japan wind and solar are making significant contributions.In the US progress is more difficult to gauge because the issue is not widely covered by the media. This plant is a good case in point I Google search turned up two stories both from before the plant was built.

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