Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Louis Sullivan Lincoln Park Tour And Map

Louis Sullivan was the godfather of the "Chicago school" of architecture. He began as a partner of Dankmar Adler and together they helped make Chicago a center for modern building design in the late 19th century. Although two of his better known designs still stand, the Auditorium Theater and the "Carson's" building on State St., most of Sullivan's designs were torn down. In fact it was the demolition of his Garrick Theater building that helped galvanize the preservation movement in Chicago during the 1960's.

Lincoln Park on the cities near north side has a number of his surviving designs. .Including four locations that have rescued fragments from the Garrick. This clip shows three of them. We have three more videos that show the other surviving examples of his work in this area. You can find them on our Sullivan playlist.

The Ann Halsted House, 440 W. Belden Ave (1883):
This Queen Anne style home is the oldest surviving residence designed by  Adler and Sullivan.

The Ferdinand Kaufmann Store & Building, 2310 and 2312 N. Lincoln Ave.:
These  relatively nondescript buildings in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood sit side-by-side on North Lincoln Avenue. The building at 2310 was built in 1883 and 2312 came four years later.

The Leon Mannheimer House, 2147 N. Cleveland Ave. (1884):
This is another early project that Sullivan worked on.

Locations of all the Lincoln Park Sullivan's on this map.

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