Friday, September 13, 2013

Fidel Castro At The Lincoln Memorial

In the 1950’s revolutionaries across the world who were looking to throw off the chains of colonialism looked to the United States and our revolution for inspiration.  The world’s expectations had been raised. World War Two had been billed as a war to free people from fascist enslavement. The United States of America had made the world safe for democracy. Or had it?

Following the Second World War the political leadership of the US was more interested in securing our strategic position across the globe than helping revolutionaries. It was more important to spread capitalism than political self determination. We would support democratic movements but only those that were moving in our direction. The cold war was hot and Communism even the threat of it must be confronted.
Fidel Castro was a populist leader who overthrew a military regime that gained power through a coupe. One of his biggest heroes was Abraham Lincoln he kept a bust of him in his office. After seizing power he came to the US looking for support. Sadly Eisenhower had already written him off do to his nationalization policies and refused to see him. While in Washington he left a wreath at the Lincoln Memorial.
For almost sixty years the US has had one constant enemy Castro & Cuba. My question is why? What threat does he pose to America?

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