Monday, September 30, 2013

Boardwalk Empire, The Joe Howard Murder Inside Story

I was watching the third season of the excellent television series “Boardwalk Empire” and need o set the record straight regarding an incident they portrayed. This is in regards to Al Capone killing a punk named Joe Howard for roughing up his friend and bagman Jake Guzik. The basic story is true they just got some of the details wrong. I know because I’d read about this killing on the Chicago Crime Scene web site.

“Al Capone arrived in Chicago in 1921, working as a street-level thug for Johnny Torrio. Capone's business acumen led to quick promotion through the ranks of the gang. His capacity for violence didn't hurt either. An incident that occurred here, at 2300 S. Wabash, on May 7, 1923, proved early on Capone's willingness to employ the gun. The following day's Tribune reported:
Another murder in the liquor and crime serial was accomplished last night. Alphonse Capone, vice lord of the south side bad lands where he is better known as Al Brown of "Four Deuces" fame, is sought as the slayer.

The order to capture Capone went out thirty minutes after the body of Joseph L. Howard, beer runner and burglar, credited with three notches on his gun, was found lying in front of the cigar counter of "Hymie" Jacobs' saloon at 2300 Wabash avenue. Howard had been shot six times, four times in the face and twice in the right shoulder.”

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