Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Louis Sullivan Faces of Lincoln Park

Back in May I posted a couple of clips of some Louis Sullivan designs  I found wandering around Lincoln Park. Including these terra cotta heads above the entrance to Second City. As it turns out they were remains of the Garrick or Schiller theater designed by Louis Sullivan. Second City founder  Bernie Sahlins rescued four of the dozen or so busts. So I posted the video then a couple of weeks ago I was in that area again and found to more heads that looked very familiar embedded in a wall on the 800 block of north Dearborn.

Upon further investigation it turns out that are two more fences in Lincoln Park that have heads from the Garrick theater. So besides the ones on Dearborn on this clip we have heads from the 2100 block of north Lincoln and the 2400 block of Geneva Terrace. If you have a healthy pair of legs and a couple of hours you can stroll around this lovely area and see them all. By the way the sculptor of these was Richard Bock.

As for who they are well that's another story one that is told on The Errant Inquisitor site. Where you will find the whole story this guy (I'm guessing) did a lot of research so I'll let him tell you the story. 

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