Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kenny Burrell, Jazz Guitar Two Mid 1960's Classics

I found a nice little group of jazz cds the other day when I was out and about. Two of them were so outstanding that I would pass along a recommendation that they are well worth checking out. Both are mid sixties releases by jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell.

First up is the 1967 classic Blue Note recording “Midnight Blue” where he plays with; Stanley Turrentine, Major Holley, Bill English and Ray Barretto. It's a winner from start to finish all killer and no filler. As the name would imply it's a laid back set that finds a nice groove and works it. This disc is a 1999 Rudy Van Gelder edition that reproduces the original Leonard Feather liner notes. There are also two bonus tracks not on the original LP.

The other one is the 1966 Verve release “Guitar Forms”. Which is a collaboration with Gil Evans. This made me a little leery because I'm not much for heavily orchestrated jazz but this one is really good and with the exception of a version of Greensleeves not to cornball. It also has a bonus track not on the original release as well as multiple takes of three of the tracks making it twenty cuts.

Part of Verve's 1997 Master Edition series there is a really nice booklet that you may need a magnifying glass to read. Still a nice listen. Below are a couple of sample tracks to give you the flavor of these discs.

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