Saturday, August 31, 2013

1957 Times Square Neon In Color and New Years Eve

As you may or may not know I am a neon fanatic and am always on the lookout for color images from the era of great neon. Sadly this is before the time of widespread use of color film. So there are not a lot of pictures all
I recently came across a couple of minutes of excellent color footage of one of the neon holy grails Times Square in New York city from 1957. There’s the Camel display draped in neon and with Phil Silvers blowing real smoke rings. We also get to see a fantastic sign for TWA complete with neon a multi look billboard and above it a giant plane flys. It’s a gorgeous look at outdoor advertising signs at their peak.

It was posted on You Tube by John Meyer who includes these notes.
“I used motion stabilization software to remove the shake from the hand-held footage. This makes it look more professional, but I assure you it simply home movie footage, although it was taken with a very good 16mm camera, and was perfectly exposed, something that was tough to do back in those days before auto exposure.”

While I was checking into Times Square 1957 I found a couple of other interesting nuggets. First is this interesting photographic comparison between 1957 and 2013 on

Then there was this b&w clip of New Years Eve 1957/8 posted by videoholic50s60s70s's. Complete with Guy Lombardo, ana one ana two…..

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