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Machinegun Jack McGurn Nearly Killed In 1928 Rush St. Hit

Here is another new upload from ChiTownView, found on You Tube. It is new addition to our series "Chicago Crime Now & Then". It's a series of videos that offer an organized history of organized crime in the windy city.

In 1928 the war between Al Capone and Bugs Moran was entering it's fourth year. It was a bloody battle that had claimed many lives on both sides of town. The Capone mob seemed to be winning. They had already taken out Hymie Wiess &Dion O'Bannion the two previous leaders of the north side gang. In response there had been attempts but no successful hits against Johnny Torrio or his eir Al Capone. Moran had put up a $50,000 nationwide contract to take Al out.

The northsiders were also going after those around Capone. They kidnnapped tortured and killed his driver. And they also had their sights set on Capones number one gun Jack McGurn. On March 7th 1928 they thought they had him because on that day Machinegun Jack McGurn was in the smokeshop of the old McCormick hotel. He was talking with a real estate operator named Nick Mastro. All of a sudden a car pulled up to the curb and out sprung the Gusenberg brothers two top torpedos for the north side Moran gang. One armed with a tommy gun and the other a .45.

As a hail of lead filled the air McGurn threw himself against a partition. The gunmen hurridly left without making sure their target was dead. Jack was seriously wounded but managed to flee the scene. Mastro was also shot but stablized by a doctor at the hotel.Who sent him to Henrotin hospital to treat his wounds.

Later the same doctor was called to room where a man was said to be bleeding to death. The man was McGurn who had been shot in the chest and arm. He was also rushed to the hospital.

One of the myths that have grown up around this incident is that Jack was in a phone booth when the shooting began. This appears to be a bit of Hollywood fiction that has become confused with fact. There was also speculation that this hit was in response to McGurns alleged attack on comedian Joe E. Lewis. What we do know is that the Gusenberg brothers would both be killed less than a year later in the St Valentines Day Massacre.

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