Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ghost Of Chicago's 1st Murder Victim Haunts Chicago River North Nightclub?

The river north area of Chicago is host to a lot of popular spots;Harry Carey's, the Hard Rock, Rain Forest Cafe, the "rock & roll" McDonald's and this stone edifice at 632 north Dearborn. For the past thirty years it has been a series of trendy nightclubs like Limelight, Excalibur and now The Castle. It was built in the 1890's to house the Chicago Historical Society. A fireproof replacement for the original which burned down in the great Chicago fire in 1874.It's a cold, dark imposing structure that is not surprisingly reputed to be haunted.

Perhaps for good reason because among it's displays were the bones of Chicago's first murder victim. Jean Lalime who was one of Chicago's first settlers. He at one time lived in the home of the cities first resident, Haitian Jean-Baptiste Point du Sable. John Kinzie, another early Chicagoan, bought the house and land du Sable owned. Lalime stayed around to work at Fort Dearborn as a translator, and spy investigating corruption.. It is not known if Kinzie killed him because of a dispute over du Sable's house or Lalime's undercover work.

Now the building only housed the historical society until the 1930's before they moved further north to Lincoln Park. It then spent the next fifty years as a church, stores and offices. During that time a young lawyer committed suicide and it has been said that his spirit also walks the building.

It wasn't until after the building was redeveloped as a nightclub that it was discovered there were nocturnal spirits in residence. Cold spots, strange noises, ghostly lights and mysterious people wandering around. Other then the customers and workers were talking ghostly manifestations. I worked there during the 80's when it was Limelight and while I didn't see or hear anything "supernatural" there were some mighty odd cold spots.

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