Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hugh Hefner Singing In "Mashed Chicago", A Ghost Of MindsiMedia

MindsiMedia may have been terminated by You Tube but the videos live on. We will soon be re posting some of them on our web site and have been uploading some to ChiTownView where we have a playlist called MindsiMedia Ghosts. And now here on blogger today we present Mashed Chicago" a MindsiMedia clip from 2009 that features black & white and vivid color footage of Chicago nightlife in the 1950's. The soundtrack features Sinatra's two signature Chicago songs. "Chicago" Done by a masked Brazilian singer known as Masquerarde Singer. And one of Chicago's own Hugh Hefner doing  "My Kind Of Town and the whole thing starts with the one and only Lord Buckley doing a bit on a Chicago stage.
We had a couple of Playboy related posts last month./ One on the worlds oldest Palyboy bunny and a look at the original Playboy mansion.


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